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…being on vacation, seeing notifications that our book has sold, and that your personal story is helping inspire, and heal the world for the better. Imagine that the first thing you see on your way to the airport terminal is your book displayed in the airport bookstore?

What would you feel?

That’s what I wish for you.

Book flops? Been there. No email list or following? Been there, too. I published my first book in 2014, and I’ve been helping others launch their books ever since. Today, I know what it takes to publish & launch a book online and I can show you how. From story-line design to cover design and distribution channels. Don’t want to go through traditional publishers, no worries you can self-publish and that is what I call my Super-Power!

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receive the details here: The WOMEN WRITERS 100 Book anthology is FREE to participate and you can find out the details below.

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Writer, World Traveler,  Military Veteran Mom, wife & Latina Entrepreneur 

Meet Adriana your new publisher!
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Hello! I'm Adriana Rosales, and I founded Adriana & Company™ the umbrella company for the "Women Writers 100" community. I help entrepreneurs, writers, and artists use writing to help leverage their current businesses and help them publish for the first time leveraging my experience and partnerships. 


I've created a free community on Facebook for Women Writers and aspiring authors to guide them in their first publishing efforts. In this group, I show writers how to write their first publication in our "Women Writers 100" book anthology being published this year. Yes, you can be one of the co-authors alongside me a 7-time author and Forbes expert panelist. 

I'm a first-generation Mexican/American. I grew up speaking Spanish and learned English as a pre-teen. I've lived in two worlds most of my life, the American and the Mexican world always navigating two realities. I have been able to share my experiences as an American through my writing and my poetry. 

I believe that writing is a form of being fully self-expressed. Sometimes we can write on paper what we can never share in public. No matter how you slice it we must all feel heard and seen, loved, and share our love. We all crave to be more than what society thinks of us and because of this, I've created a platform for women writers to be fully self-expressed and for us to leave a mark, a dent in the universe. As writers, we must leave our legacy! If we DARE~ Join me and let's leave our legacy and inspire the next generation through our life stories. No one will write what we have felt, seen, or experienced we must do it ourselves. Join me~  

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YOU Can be Featured on our Youtube Channel

"100 Authors 100 Days with 

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#Becoming The Author

(online course April 2021)

2021 is Your Year!

How to turn your personal story, skills & expertise into a book and publish with a community behind you!

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I’ll walk you through how to bring out your best personal story for your

“book story” in just 1 day (really!) With a simple fill in the black sheet I’ve used for years…. Learn how to leverage my success and speed up the time it takes you to gain credibility. I'll provide you with the templates necessary.

See exactly how to setup an account with a “printing press” that will act as your publisher and learn the ins and outs of finding people to edit, format, design and ghostwrite your book for as little as $20 per project. No typing required, find out how you can talk an entire book without any typing.

Learn the simple steps to launch your book with a launch team, learn the mindset behind what it takes to use your book as a business card to obtain clients or a better position in your current career. Learn how to leverage your network with the Latina 100 Community to gain momentum in whatever business endeavors you’re on...

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Get the tools I used to calendar my social media posts, prioritize all my affiliate programs & fill-in PDF sheets to help you define your online signature story and content. By subscribing to my online news letter you will get all of this and more! Subscribe now! 

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