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Our Goal is to help One Million 
Latinos Publish by 2030

Welcome to our International Community

Imagine a world where everyone's voice is heard, where diversity and representation are celebrated and valued. That is the world we strive to create at Latina100™. Through our project, we are not only giving Latinas the platform to share their stories, but we are also pushing the boundaries of the publishing industry and creating a new path for underrepresented voices to be heard.

But we can't do it alone. We need your help to create a brighter future for all. Together, we have the power to make a real impact on the world and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. By participating in the Latina100™ project, you are not just taking advantage of an opportunity, you are taking on a responsibility to shape the world for the better.

Think about it, this is your chance to be a part of something truly transformative, something that could be Pulitzer-worthy. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make history. Join us today and let's create a better tomorrow, together.

Who is Adriana Rosales

Publisher, Author, Forbes Expert Panelist, HeartMath Coach and John Maxwell Speaker

Founder of the Latinas100™ Community

Adriana's mission to help one million Latino writers publish by 2030 is rooted in the belief that Latino voices need to be better represented in literature. Latinos are a vital and growing segment of the population, yet their stories and perspectives have often been underrepresented in the publishing world.


Adriana believes that by giving more Latino writers the opportunity to share their stories, we can create a more diverse and representative literary landscape.

Through Rosales Mavericks Publishing Studio (RMPStudio), Adriana is dedicated to helping these voices be heard. RMPStudio provides a platform for Latino writers to share their stories and connect with readers. By providing resources, mentorship, and support, RMPStudio is working to empower Latino writers to take control of their own narratives and tell their stories in their own way.


Adriana's goal is not only to help more Latino writers get published, but also to give a voice to the voiceless and create a more inclusive and equitable literary world.

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Become a coauthor with "us" today! 

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Volume 2 is here

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Become a Co-Author in 2020-2030 in our "Latinas 100" Book for our Volume 2 & 3 and beyond!


“Latinas 100, Leaving a legacy and inspiring the next generation” is a book about Latinos all over the world expressing their life journey through stories. We share our stories and leave our legacy and inspire the next generation, through what we have learned and what we want the next generation to know about what makes them great!

Our hope is that these stories will help shift and shape our next generation for the better. The stories in this book come from the heart and it is our way of paving the road for the next generation of Latino leaders to follow.

All these remarkable stories come from places around the globe like, Israel, Canada, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, USA and Bolivia. A global perspective from a global Latino.

May these stories bless you as they have all of us participating in the “Latinas 100” project.
If you are a writer and are interested in participating in the next “Latinas 100” project for Volume 2, connect with Adriana Rosales at email:
"Latinas 100, Dejando un legado e inspirando a la próxima generación" es un libro sobre latinos de todo el mundo que comparten su vida a través de historias. Compartimos nuestras historias y dejamos nuestro legado e inspiramos a la próxima generación, a través de nuestras historias.  Lo que hemos aprendido y lo que queremos que la próxima generación sepa acerca de lo que los hace grandes lideres y personas con el potencial de ayudar al mundo a un nivel global.

Nuestra esperanza es que estas historias ayuden a cambiar y dar forma a nuestra próxima generación de líderes latinos. Las historias de este libro provienen del corazón y es nuestra manera de allanar el camino para que la próxima generación de líderes latinos.

Todas estas historias notables provienen de lugares de todo el mundo como, Israel, Canadá, Panamá, Colombia, México, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Estados Unidos y Bolivia. Una perspectiva global desde un latino global.

Que estas historias te bendigan desde todos que han participado en el proyecto "Latinas 100". Si usted es escritor y está interesado en participar en el próximo proyecto "Latinas 100" para el Volumen 2, conéctese con Adriana Rosales por correo electrónico:

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Book Launch Latinas 100

Author interviews with Adriana

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