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about Adriana 

Years of experience: 20
Position: President & CEO

Adriana & Company a Leadership training organization that focuses on A "Heart Centered Approach™ to conducting Business", implementing today' science based techniques, in all areas of professional development.

Creative Director of RMPStudio™ a publishing house that focuses on publishing unsung hero's in the corporate arena with a special focus on leadership books.



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Our journey began with hands-on experience in the corporate world, directly engaging with the challenges and dynamics within Fortune 500 companies. This frontline exposure laid the foundation for creating a training development company, dedicated to bridging the gap between executives and front-line management.

Building on this foundation, we have now expanded into the realm of publishing with RMPStudio™. This new venture aligns with our core mission of empowerment and education, as we strive to provide a platform for voices and stories that resonate with and inspire our diverse audience. Through RMPStudio™, we continue to enrich and extend our commitment to fostering growth, understanding, and connection across various sectors and communities.



1. "Everyone Communicates, Few Connect" Seminar: This seminar is specifically designed to enhance interpersonal communication skills. Recognizing the importance of these skills for effective leadership and team dynamics, the seminar offers practical strategies and insights to help professionals at all levels connect more effectively with their colleagues, teams, and clients.

2. "Bridging the Gap Between Executives and Front Line Managers" Program: This program focuses on developing essential skills and strategies for successful collaboration and understanding between different tiers of management. It aims to foster a cohesive work environment where executives and front-line managers work synergistically, leading to improved decision-making, productivity, and workplace morale.

3. "HeartMath® Strategies to Help Reduce Work-Related Stress and Anxiety" Seminar: In this seminar, participants are introduced to practical tools and techniques based on the renowned HeartMath® principles. The focus is on managing and reducing work-related stress and anxiety, promoting well-being, and building resilience in the workplace. The strategies taught are designed to improve emotional regulation, enhance focus, and foster a healthier work-life balance.

4. RMPStudio™ Book Coach Program: Alongside these seminars, RMPStudio™ offers an innovative Book Coach Program, dedicated to supporting aspiring authors in their writing and publishing journey. This program encompasses personalized coaching, guidance in manuscript development, and strategies for successful publishing. Our coaches work closely with authors to refine their ideas, structure their narratives, and navigate the complexities of the publishing world. 



Our Mission: At the core of our mission is the transformation of the corporate environment through science-based behavioral shifts, focusing on 'inside-out' strategies. We are dedicated to fostering a workplace culture where change begins at the individual level, leading to profound and lasting impacts across the organization.

Our Vision: Our vision is to redefine the approach to business within traditionally top-down structured corporations. We aim to innovate and design new methodologies that prioritize both efficiency and empathy, revolutionizing the way businesses operate and interact.

Our Commitment: We are committed to guiding executives towards 'heart-centered' business engagement. This involves cultivating leadership that is not only strategic and results-driven but also compassionate and mindful, creating a balanced and human-centric approach to executive decision-making and interaction.

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Adriana Rosales is an accomplished 8-time author, former esteemed member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a John Maxwell certified speaker, HeartMath® Certified Educator, and a mentor in personal resilience and self-regulation. In her multifaceted career, Adriana has been a guiding force for business professionals, teaching them the essential HeartMath® tools and techniques for stress reduction and delivering high-impact executive seminars based on John Maxwell’s curriculum.

Adriana's journey through the corporate world in telecommunications and finance has culminated in her insightful book "Corporate Code, A Bottom-Up Perspective on Great Leadership," which has gained international acclaim and has been translated into several languages.

Adriana is the founder of Adriana & Company LLC, where her vision and life purpose focus on transforming new generations of leaders through coaching, training, and mentoring, based on the Corporate Code leadership pillars. Her vast experience, including roles in the United States Air Force and in various Fortune 500 companies, as well as her involvement in coordinating Women in Business Conferences and Teen Leadership Summits, has positioned her as a beacon of empowerment and leadership.

In her role as the Creative Director of RMPStudio™, Adriana has expanded her influence by helping hundreds of writers, especially women, publish their works for the first time. Under her leadership, RMPStudio™ has become a platform for emerging authors in over 17 different countries, offering yearly leadership book anthologies. This initiative, aimed at empowering and highlighting women in literature, allows these writers to become first-time published authors, showcasing their voices and stories from diverse backgrounds.

Adriana’s leadership philosophy is anchored in four pillars: Trust, Courage, Compassion, and Service. She firmly believes in the power of presence, often stating, "It is not about what you do, but how you show up for people." Through her work, Adriana continues to be a pivotal figure in fostering leadership and literary talent across the globe.

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