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The Speakers Table is a community of speakers and aspiring speakers in several military bases that come together every month to practice and learn how to become better speakers. The benefits of becoming a member are the following:


  • Access to Certified John Maxwell Coaches and Material

  • Gain coaching from a Certified HeartMath® Coach

  • Gain a community of like-minded individuals and up-and-coming speakers

  • Gain the skills necessary to become a better speaker, learn techniques and gain ideas

  • Have access to resources and speaker training modules and direction

  • Access templates and pre-formatted speaker guidelines

  • Access to your speaking videos

  • Roundtable commentary of skills-set and positive feedback

  • Participate in Quarterly Competitions and Awards for best speaker, based on Speaker Paths

  • Welcome Packet, to include badge and speech path templates


Speakers Table Rules of engagement

  • All Members may select a “Speakers Path” not required however recommended

  • “Speakers Path One”, (Beginners) “Speakers Path Two” (Intermediate)

       or “Speakers Path Three” (Advanced)

  • All members will sign in via sign-in sheet or social media

  • Meetings will take place on the assigned military location assigned by the moderator

  • The meeting will begin on time and with the pledge of allegiance

  • All meetings will meet for 60 minutes with the structured meeting agenda

  • Any special speakers will be introduced the week prior with prior approval

  • Membership Dues will be paid every six months $45 via check or online 



11:30am to 12:30pm


            11:30am Moderator Call Meeting to Order

                        Rules of Engagement

                        Special Announcements

            11:35am Present Members Round Table

            11:45am Begin with 1, 3- & 6-minute presentations, speeches or prepared statements

            12:15pm Round Table feedback and testimonies, discuss peoples “Speakers Path”

            12:30pm Closing by the moderator, Sign Up Sheet for Next Meeting




Who can join?

Military personnel and individuals allowed to enter USA military bases.


Will speeches be videotaped?

No, unless the speaker would like the speech videotaped


Who prints Agenda and brings material?

The Moderator


Is food allowed?

It depends on the location on base and what permissions are granted

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