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the Latinas100™ PROMISE

The Latinas100™ PROMISE means providing value and support to you and your business. As a member of our community of inspired Latinos from around the globe, you can rely on us for encouragement, personal and professional development, and access to a variety of resources. Our focus is on helping aspiring authors, writers, and entrepreneurs achieve their goals by leveraging our global platform and the combined resources of our community.

As part of the Latinas100™ PROMISE, we offer a range of marketing tools and digital assets to help you establish credibility and grow your business. These include a certification of Latinas100™ membership, a founding member badge, a seal of excellence for micro-stories, and the official Latinas100™ logo. We also offer a letter of recommendation, a speakers table logo, a professional LinkedIn recommendation, and a personalized "book foreword" by Adriana Rosales for your first published book. Additionally, you can take advantage of a one-on-one coaching consultation with Adriana Rosales and access to our private Facebook group with weekly educational content.


All of these resources are available to you once you are published in volume 1, 2, or 3 and beyond to include the Latinas100™ series or in any of our exclusive paid programs such as "Fideo Soup for The Soul" and "The Latina Alchemist."

  1. Certification of Latinas100 Membership (Personalized and Emailed to you directly) Can be uploaded in your LinkedIn Profile.

  2. Founding Member Badge (only first 3 Volumes writers)

  3. Seal of Excellence for Micro-Stories

  4. The Official Latinas100™ Logo

  5. The Latinas100™ general logo

  6. A Letter of Recommendation and endorsement ​​by Adriana Rosales and the Latinas100™ Community (When requested)

  7. The Latinas100™ Speakers Table Logo for stage participants

  8. A professional LinkedIn Recommendation by Adriana Rosales

  9. A professionally edited One on One thirty-minute Interview on the 100Authors 100Days with Adriana in the YouTube Channel.

  10. A personalized “Book Foreword” by Adriana Rosales on your first published book and or "Introduction".

  11. 30 Minutes One on One Coaching Consultation for Business Coaching with Adriana Rosales

  12. Best Essay Awards Seal for Winner Only 

  13. Your Personalized Memes with your favorite Quotes with Latinas100/Latinos100 Branding

  14. Access to the Quarterly Newsletter with curated content designed to keep you ahead of AI and of emerging technologies. Access to the FB private group with weekly educational content to help you along your professional development journey.

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