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Andrew Carnegie

Literary Critique

Collection by Adriana

John C. Maxwell

Signature Seminar

2 Facilitators | One full day

Up to 75 People

All Materials Included

Lunch Provided

Certificate of Completion



Calendar Booking 

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Challenge Coins

Content Calendar For Creators, writers & artist: Living Beyond the Ordinary 


Signature Seminar

2 Facilitators  | One full day

Up to 75 People

All Materials Included

Lunch Provided

​Certificate of Completion


Latinas 100, Leaving a legacy & Inspiring the Next Generation! 

UDEMY course 

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Train the Trainer 

Workshops for Human Resources and


Corporate Trainers | Training Material Included​​

$2,250.00 (3 Hours)

with Program Design

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The Speakers Table is a community designed for military personnel and military families to gain access to building speaking skills and high- level coaching from Certified John Maxwell Coaches and HeartMath® Coaches.



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