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"American Girl" ~ Short Stories, Politics, Religion & Latinidad is about topics that most people are too afraid to tackle, too politically correct to assert and too radically one sided to empathize with. Adriana does a wonderful job at getting to the taboo subjects with candor and transparency. She leaves crumbs of parable style lessons for the reader to ponder upon and marinate in.


She's witty and controversial and completely unapologetic. You will only survive this book if you are open minded and are willing to pay attention to a perspective that most are unwilling to entertain. 

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Short Stories, Politics, Religion & Latinidad

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This book could change the way you view American Women forever.

Seven reasons why you must read this book.

  1. If mainstream is not your cup of tea, then Adriana’s version of America and its American ideals will give you a glimpse of the America you may not know.

  2. If you are a maverick that sees the truth from all angles not just group think then this book is for you.

  3. If you are American

  4. If you think you're American

  5. If you value community

  6. If you are so confused by traditional media that you question your sanity at times, this book is for you.

  7. If you are a Human on Earth. 

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