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Welcome to the "Latinas 100"


Read along with the author and watch exclusive videos with bonus content. Find out more about how you can become an exceptional writer and learn to publish your story in the following anthologies in the "Latinas 100"  Inspiring the Next Generation and Leaving our Legacy.

Exclusive Videos in our private Facebook Group from the authors. Adriana shares the story behind the story and gives a guided tour into building the Latinas 100 Community. 

From the front lines of publishing to authoring over 20 books Adriana leaves a legacy by inspiring the next generation and getting thousands of Latinos published over the next 5 years.

She gives insight what it take to write like your life depends on it and insight in to why it's important to publish as Latinos.

Click on the BOOK and begin the adventure in to the Latino stories from over 12 countries, all leaving their legacy and inspiring the next generation.

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Thank you for sharing this experience with Us!

If this book helped you in any way please press the link below and leave a review. It would be very much appreciated and will help all of us create corporate environments where people can flourish. Big Hug! See you at my next conference! 

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